May Lodge Night

Work of the Evening

We will be passing a candidate from Buchanan Lodge.

Dinner Before Lodge

You can sign up for dinner by letting our Junior Warden, W. Bro. Tribu Persaud know if you plan on attending by completing the form.

Dinner is an important aspect of our fraternity and everyone is encouraged to attend, particularly in light of the historic night we are having.


Outstanding Dues

Please remember that your Lodge needs to be treated like your household… we have a budget, we have expenses to cover… rent, insurance, family events and many more items are covered by your dues.

Please remit your dues in a timely fashion to the treasurer, Bro. Chris Buckby at [email protected]

For those remitting payment by cheque, you can send it to Bro. Secretary’s home mailing address in the Summons.

COME ON OUT TO LODGE if you haven’t been out for a while.
Reacquaint with old friends, meet new friends.
Or bring a new friend to events and introduce them to us.
The Secretary has applications available.

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