How do I add an event to my calendar?

Open an event

Typically, the upcoming events will be displayed in the center of the footer of the page.

Click on one of the names (e.g. “General Purposes”). The main details of the event will be displayed, including the date/time of the event, where it will be held (e.g. web event), and who the organizer is so that you can contact them for more details.

Above the details section are 2 links: “+ Google Calendar” and “+ iCal Export“.

  • If you are using the Google calendar, choose the first link.
  • If you are using any other calendar program, use the second link. This will allow you to download an ICS file that has the event details. This file can then be imported into your calendar.
Successful – logged in to Google Account
Unsuccessful – not logged in to Google Account

If you see the Unsuccessful message, you are either not logged in to your Google Account, or you are in Incognito Mode.

If you see the Successful message, you can click on Save button, or modify any of the details and then click on the Save button.

When you open your Google calendar, the event has been populated automatically.

View All Events

To see all of the events, click on the “View All Events” link.

This display gives you the ability to search for events, display the results differently (list, month, day), as well as providing a method to export the events. The export will create an ICS file and download it to your computer so that you can import the events in bulk.

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